4 Qualities which describe the future Leaders

What qualities make the future Leaders? Are they made with a different composition? What makes them unique?

Well there is nothing different except for a few qualities which slowly and steadily make them future leaders. As quoted by Shiv Khera –“Winners don’t do different things, They do things differently”. The qualities which evolve them from normal to exquisite, can actually do wonders for all of us. I have found out the same traits in leaders like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Ratan Tata, Steve Jobs etc.

They all are found to possess the following qualities which makes them lead the race:

1. Art of managing change

As it is said –“Change is the only constant”, the future leaders are found to have this prominent 8 qualities of accepting the change. Instead of struggling against the change, they tend to use it as an opportunity to evolve themselves. They work on themselves to face the tough situations more easily. They are found to have this intellect of managing changes nicely. They follow the mantra – Face it – Learn things – Evolve Self – Give 100% – Succeed – Challenge Self again.

2. Exploring the emerging markets

With the rapid 360 degree changes occurring in the global economy, future leaders must possess the vision to trace the emerging markets. One can easily relate to this and I need not required to mention the reason for sudden interest of big MNC’s in countries like India & China. Future leaders are good enough to trace the growth of market far ahead of time. This is the reason why big social platforms are acquiring smaller emerging ones in different domain. Of course the big customer drift certainly helps them in getting bigger.

3. Inspiring & Good Motivators

Leaders will always motivate & inspire others because they know the power of a motivated mind. This is an eternal part of their character which keeps them moving in spite of numerous hurdles they face on daily basis. They are motivated & they keep motivating their subordinates, colleagues, workers & people around them. With the changing scenarios of the fierce market, aligning the team for similar goals require constant motivation. Motivating a team is a must to stand against the challenges observed in the form of change.

4. Good lean management

Leaders of that premium race are found to show perfect lean management. They either need to work in or they create organisations which are lean & flexible. Wherein quality is kept intact & efficiency are optimized. They understand the importance of flexibility in working area without hampering the progress for that unanimous goal.




Csutoss is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer, sketch artist, blogger and an editing geek.