5 Hacks to live a Balanced Life

Buddhism is a religion that encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs and spiritual practices wherein followers live a purely balanced life style. The followers of Buddhism – Buddhist Monks, are believed to be governed by a set of rules called the prātimokṣa or pātimokkha. Their lifestyles are shaped to support their spiritual practice to live a simple and meditative life and attain nirvana.

I have compiled 5 learning from the lifestyle of Buddhist monks, which when followed religiously, will certainly turn beneficial in our day to day life:-

1. Focus on your Breathe

Your breathe brings in the fresh air in you & releases the used one. One must take a note of the motion of breathe in their body. Meditation seems easier when one starts focusing on his breathe.

“The process of breathing, if fully understood and experienced in its profound significance, could teach us more than all the philosophies of the world.”  – Lama Govinda

2. Love thy Solitude

Start loving the solitude & you’ll start losing the fear of getting alone. With quiet Stillness comes the courage to face the difficulties & problems easily. Take out some time for yourself & enjoy that time in peace.

“When a man knows the solitude of silence, and feels the joy of quietness, he is then free from fear and he feels the joy of the dharma.” – Buddha

3. Patience is the Key

Patience plays an important role in the actions we take. Patience instills in you the power to take things to another level. If you increase your patience, you can kill the frustration & annoyance in you. Patience tends to make humans better in all respect.

“Some people feel patience is showing weakness or pessimism. But, actually, patience shows the strength and clarity of mind, which are based on wisdom and compassion. Without proper wisdom and compassion, one cannot practice patience.” – Khenpo Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche

4. Live with Discipline

Start your day early, meditate an hour, set your time for daily activities & finish your day with timely sleep. This discipline helps in making a balanced life which sculpts a better you.

“Although at first our concentration may be very brief, if we persevere in the practice, it will progressively lengthen.” – Geshe Rabten

5. Enjoy the Journey called Life

Life is full of experiences & need to be enjoyed as a journey. You are the protagonist of your story, live every moment with joy. Once you understand the hack of enjoying life, you’ll start living it at fullest.

“You are the community now. Be a lamp for yourselves. Be your own refuge. Seek for no other. All things must pass. Strive on diligently. Don’t give up.” ― Buddha




Csutoss is an enthusiastic traveler, photographer, sketch artist, blogger and an editing geek.