5 Success mantras from the characters of Mahabharata for Entrepreneurs

Mahabharata is an epic narrative of war between Pandavas & Kauravas.This longest known epic poem teaches lots of philosophical lessons. Pandavas depicts the role of protagonist with constant support from Lord Krishna. Although it’s a vast source of knowledge & can be observed for all the life solution, we would like to extract out some important characters & their qualities which needs to be followed by startups, new age entrepreneurs, to achieve success :-

1.BE A LEARNER:  Arjuna, one of the five Pandavas, must be followed in acquiring this ability to nurture oneself. He was always ready to learn new art forms. Be it the War skills from Dronacharya, Strategy making from Bheeshma, Superior weapon art from Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Indra. His habit of learning helped him in becoming a winner.

Keep learning because entrepreneurship is a journey where Sometime you win sometime you learn

2.FOLLOW YOUR PASSION : Eklavya was denied formal education by pandavas and Kauravas mentor Dronacharya. He followed his passion like anything & rest is history. Dronacharya himself believed that eklavya was so outstanding in archery that he surpassed his favourite & most excellent disciple, Arjuna.

Follow your passion wholeheartedly because Passion never fails.

3.MAKE STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS : Lord Krishna, plays an important role in Mahabharata. In fact he was the core designer of all the strategy. Be it the Killing of Bheeshma, Karna,  Duryodhana or any other event which finally lead to the prime goal of Pandavas victory, strategy played a pivotal role in everything.

Make proper strategies to work for that ultimate goal

4.BE COMMITTED : Pandavas set an example for the new age entrepreneurs & Startups that how difficult be the situation, keep your spirits high and be committed to your goal. Job once taken needs to be finished without getting distracted.

Show your commitment to achieve the success you expect for yourself.

5.BUILD ALLIANCE/RELATION : Alliance and relation building worked a lot for pandavas. Be it Vidura, Bhishma, Dronacharya, Kripacharya or Drupad, all were having soft corner for Pandavas. The relation building with them has showed the fruitful results at the time of war too.

Don’t Just make Customers & Vendors, Make an alliance, a relation.




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