7 Business pillars as given by Chanakya which play eternal role in success.

Chanakya (Also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta) was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist and royal advisory, who has authored the ancient Indian political treatise, the Arthashastra. His another famous work which is globally praised, Chanakya Neeti or Chanakya Neeti-Shastra, is a collection of aphorisms selected from different shastras by him.

Here in we are bringing to you the excerpts from the Chanakyas work which are termed as The Saptangas (7 pillars).

  • SWAMI  The King, here it means THE LEADER.

The Leader is a visionary who sets the direction for an organisation


  • AMATYA The Minister, here it means THE MANAGER.

Manager leads the team thru all the situation to achieve the desired results


  • JANAPADA The Country, here relates to THE MARKET.

Market plays an integral role in the success of any business. Business without the prospective market tends to fall very easily.


  • DURG The Fort, here relates to INFRASTRUCTURE.

Infrastructure plays a key role in driving today’s startups. More better the technology they sow, far better the results they reap.


  • KOSHAThe Treasury, here states FINANCE.

Finances are the life line to keep moving. Never run out of Cash in a business.


  • DANDAThe Army, here means your TEAM.

Team includes everybody, The CEO to Office runner. Everybody has a role to play & hence need to be treated with same kind of respect. Respect your team & you’ll do wonders.


  • MITRAThe Ally, here relates to MENTOR & FRIENDS.

Mentors & Friends comes for rescue when you need support – psychological, emotional or Financial. A Good piece of advice at bad times will certainly help you to walk an extra mile.

Following these principles will add to the successful journey of Young startups & Entrepreneurs.

#Chanakya Neeti is that one fine book which gives lessons for all the phases in life. In terms of business & modern corporate culture, there is a best seller named Corporate Chanakya by Radhakrishna Pillai which presents the amalgam of both the gyan of chanakya & corporate requirement.




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