9 Life Lessons to become successful by Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is an English business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, founder of Virgin Group, which comprises more than 400 companies, is a big inspiration for masses. In July 2015, Forbes listed Branson’s estimated net worth at US $5.2 billion. He wrote Screw It, Let’s Do It, in which he shared 9 lessons on how to achieve your goals & become a successful person in life. Here are those valuable life lessons:

1. Just Do It!

He learned the meaning of this phrase very early in his life. From the Student Magazine to Virgin Records, he made sure to add call of action instead of just sitting around & waiting for things to happen. As one of his quote- “Work hard, take your chances, and seize opportunities when they present themselves.”

2. Have fun

Richard Branson says his keys to success is hard work & belief in himself, but he use to have lots of fun to live life fully. He believe having fun is one of the most important ingredients in any thriving business and fulfilling life.

3. Be bold

Branson believe in be bold but not gambling. He believe that those who are bold have a higher chance of being rewarded, which is something the development of both Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Trains from scratch into industry leaders taught him.

4. Challenge yourself

He have lived his life from challenge to challenge, from flying around the world in balloons to embarking upon businesses in dozens of different sectors. He always looks for the next challenge. He have two main challenges in life – one to do the best he can at work and other to seek adventure.

5. Stand on your own feet

Branson’s parents instilled in him a high degree of self-sufficiency. They taught him from very young age to get things done for himself.

6. Live the moment

Branson try to make every second count in his business and personal life. But everyone needs to switch off, and he have learned the art of a good nap!

7. Value family and friends

Branson’s family have always been there for him but he consider the whole of Virgin as his family. A business is nothing more than a group of people making a positive difference to people’s lives. A group of people can quickly become friends, and eventually become family too.

8. Have respect

He give value reputation. He believe by treating all people as you would wish to be treated and having respect for everyone, you will have a far happier, more productive life. He says “Be fair in all your dealings. Don’t cheat but aim to win”

9. Do some good

Richard Branson believe that anyone can make a huge impact on other people, and that every business can change the world for good. He always focus about making some change to the world by all his businesses.

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