How to take right decision in life?

How to make a correct decision when stuck in a dilemma?? How to ensure that our decision is the correct one?? Many a times, we get stuck in trivial situations where in decision making seems difficult. There are situations when Heart & Brain, keep battling to choose the right decision. Let’s understand this in deeper sense. Since this can be explained better by sharing personal experiences, let me share mine. I use to struggle in situations, where choosing an idea for growth of my business, used to appear difficult to me. After introspection, I realized the cause & somehow managed to overcome this.

Our heart is equivalent to “DESIRES” – desires for things to be done and our Brain is equivalent to “KNOWLEDGE” – Knowledge & information about those things. When our desires & knowledge stand apart, this confusion comes into the picture. This means our desires remain at higher level than our knowledge. At that point, we are usually not sure about results & hence to avoid the situation of confusion and to take right decision, we must shift our self to “GUTPOINT” situation.

What is GUTPOINT Situation??

When we support our Brain by attaining knowledge through information, to meet our heart full of desires, a common point where MIND = BRAIN, which I call as GUTPOINT, possibly makes a way. At that point we realize our gut feelings about the possibilities of end results.

Whenever you feel any confusion about anything while taking decision, ensure to increase your knowledge by collecting related information & details. It will help you in escaping the situation of dilemma & reach the Gutpoint where you will be able to make a clear picture of end results, be it positive or negative. So you will get a boost to take right decision.

Let’s consider a situation – You are working with an MNC but you have a strong desire of doing freelance photography by giving up your job. Now you don’t have any formal knowledge of photography but you really love to take photographs.

What should be your action to this situation?

First of all, test your love for that desire. Take some crash course or workshop & do some photography. Most of the time we have an illusion of our desire because of the comparison we make with other’s success. If still you have same level of desire or more for photography then start connecting with the people in that field. Also search for the options to earn your living from photography. Once you will raise your knowledge surely your desire will also increase for it. And certainly GUTPOINT will arise where you will have complete information, plan & gut feeling to start photography full time, by leaving your job.

This can be applied in our normal life as well. If we get a positive feeling than we are going right but if it’s negative one then we need to change something. It has helped me a lot in taking right decisions for myself & i’ll recommend others to try this principle in their lives as well. The right decisions & related actions will certainly help you & the people around you. Compare to other living creatures, we as human being can raise our knowledge for our better understanding to live life with right choices which are good for us & good for others.



Ashutosh Rawat

Ashutosh Rawat, a Digital Entrepreneur, is the founder of He love connecting with people who have a passion for Personal Development, Entrepreneurship, Success & Motivation.