The Dream – Motivational Video

Dream – Motivational Video

“I don’t know what dream is it that you have, i don’t care how disappointing it might have been as you have been working towards that dream.But that dream you holding in your mind, that is possible and some of you already know that its hard, not easy its hard changing your life, and in the process of working upon your dreams, your going to incur incur a lot of fails, disappointments, a lot of pain, and there moments when you going to doubt yourself and say “God why,why is this happening to me! am just trying to take care of my mother, my children am not trying to steal a rope from any body, why is this happening to me.”For those of you who have experienced some hardships don’t give up on your dream because the rough times are gonna come but they are to stay, they have come to pass.Greatness truly exists in all us…but a few will achieve it, only those who have what it takes with sacrifice.its important you believe you are the “one”Most people they raise a family, earn a living and then they Die, they stop caring, stop growing, stop pushing them selves and a lot of people like complaining about there situations but they don’t want to improve and change!And most don’t want to work on there dream, why??1. Is because of fear of failure(what if things don’t work)2. The fear of success (what if things work out and i can’t handle it)You spend so much time with other people, getting them to like you, you know them more than you know yourself, you study them,live with them,you wanna hang out with them and like them. i challenge you to spend time for yourself, know what you want.Its necessary to get the losers out of your life if you want to live your dream……….And when you become the right person, begin separating from other people, you begin to have a certain uniqueness, copy other people…and its necessary to align yourself with people with your dream, who are living their dream, who are hungry, who say let it be because they have said it….if you wanna be happy all am asking you is to invest in yourself.even though you face disappointments, you must know it with in yourself, that even though they can not see it in me, i can see it in myself and i can make it.THIS IS WHAT I BELIEVE AND AM WILLING TO DIE FOR IT PERIOD!!!(I wanna discover and invest in people’s mind and talent for the better living.)”

Tom Tykwer, Johnny Klimek & Reinhold Heil: Prelude – The Atlas March
Angelo Milli: Requiem
Steve Jablonsky: Bumblebee
Hans Zimmer: Arcade
Hans Zimmer: I Will Find Him

Into The Wild, Rocky 4, Seven Pounds, Pursuit of Happyness, A Beautiful Mind.

Les Brown:,
Eric Thomas:…
Will Smith:



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